Piotr Jankowski

An Integrated Approach to Public Participation in Urban Planning with Geoweb Methods

Michał Czepkiewicz (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, University of Iceland),
Piotr Jankowski (San Diego State University, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań),
Cezary Brudka (Poznań University of Economics and Business)

Based on various planning methodologies (e.g. comprehensive planning, participatory planning), the paper situates Geoweb methods in relation to various phases of urban planning understood as a continuous cycle. Each of the phases is characterized by specific goals and requirements which constrain or enable the use of Geoweb. The paper refers to various PPGIS/Geoweb methods, such as: crowdsourced mapping using softGIS methodology and geo-questionnaires; interactive presentations of planning documents at various stages of preparation; commenting and deliberation enabled with geo-discussions; as well as more complex analytic-deliberative PPGIS settings. The Geoweb methods are presented in the light of requirements and goals of each planning phase. Tool and process design considerations are discussed in relation to such issues as participant selection and recruitment, geographical scale, thematic scope, data input and presentation. The paper discusses potential social and task outcomes brought about by Geoweb methods at each planning phase and the challenges of their successful implementation.

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