Jiri Panek

Mapping web-application for digital participation in urban planning

Jiří Pánek, Department of Development Studies, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Participatory planning became a buzz word in past two decades and it was often implemented as a part of the Local Agenda 21 initiatives. The national Network of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic (NHCZ) is a leading NGO implementing LA21 in the Czech Republic and it provides a geoparticipatory web application for collecting and creating emotional maps to its members. Via the web application it is possible to ask spatial questions, collect qualitative and quantitative data, and to visualise citizens´ perceptions about the public space and issues that need to be tackled. In this submission the author will (a) present the road map of development and deployment of the geoparticipatory web application at the NHCZ, (b) present a case study from Czech city (Olomouc) with over 2,000 respondents, who generated about 45,000 points of interests regarding six spatial questions asked by the local government, and (c) discuss experience, challenges and best practices gathered in past two years working with emotional maps. Furthermore, emotional mapping platform offers unique tools for both citizens as well as local administrations to overcome the digital divine that may prevent some citizens from participating in local decision making process and local participation.

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